T Patel, January 2018

“These 11 plus mock materials are fantastic. I have used both the English and Maths materials and can honestly say that they are excellent for the CSSE exams. The papers are at CSSE standard and are exactly in the same format.

“As a parent, I found the answers really helpful, especially the detailed marked up writing exemplars - you never quite know what the CSSE are looking for, but here at least you have something that can help show what is expected. The whole series is an invaluable resource for 11 plus prep!”

May Mock 2017

“I found Simone to be very accommodating and knowledgeable in what she was offering. Clearly she has considerable experience, and was able to provide answers to my numerous questions. I also greatly appreciated her honest and transparent communication.

“Additional points to mention are that you receive (via the post) your child’s original completed paper along with detailed feedback, their ranking and a comprehensive marking scheme. You may also be interested to know that 11pluspod make their previous exam papers available as a pdf download for a small fee.”

In conclusion I would highly recommend her company to anyone who is serious about assisting their children to prepare for the exam.